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Identification of Genes That Promote or Antagonize Somatic Homolog Pairing Using a High-Throughput FISH–Based Screen

Figure 1

Heterochromatic pairing in Drosophila cell culture.

a, Drosophila karyotype (Y and 4th chromosome not shown) and targets of heterochromatic probes. b, Flattened image of Kc167 nucleus stained with DAPI and FISH targeting 359, AACAC, and dodeca. c, Percentage of Kc167 nuclei ± standard deviation (SD) with the indicated number of signals per nucleus representing 359, AACAC, and dodeca. d, dsRNA directed against pav reduces the percentage of paired nuclei (one signal or two signals ≤1 µm apart) at dodeca in Kc167 cells (P<0.005), whereas dsRNA directed against cap-H2 increases the percentage of paired nuclei (P<0.05). The data are from three trials.

Figure 1