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Probing the Informational and Regulatory Plasticity of a Transcription Factor DNA–Binding Domain

Figure 4

Binding affinities for 5 MarA variants to 64 binding sites.

The heat map shows the relative binding affinities of wild type MarA (WQR) and 4 selected variants to 64 variations of the mar binding site (Figure 1). Each MarA variant (y-axis) is named according to its residues at positions 42, 45 and 46. Each DNA sequence (x-axis) was substituted for ‘NNN’ in the mar binding site (Figure 1). Data for all variants were normalized so the highest affinity site was set to 1 (black). All other sites are colored relative to that site according to the color scale. All sites below 0.3 were colored the same as 0.3.

Figure 4