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Ultrafast Evolution and Loss of CRISPRs Following a Host Shift in a Novel Wildlife Pathogen, Mycoplasma gallisepticum

Figure 1

Overview of the genome of the House Finch strain of Mycoplasma gallisepticum summarizing variation among 12 House Finch MG isolates and comparing these to a poultry reference (0.99 Mb).

Blue ticks indicate SNPs fixed within the House Finch isolates and differing from the chicken MG reference. Red ticks indicate polymorphisms among the House Finch isolates. Yellow regions are unassembled repetitive regions including VlhA and AprE genes. Grey regions indicate 4.8% of the aligned genome that is deleted in the House Finch isolates; numbers correspond to deletions detailed in Table S12. Green and light blue ticks indicate IS elements (family IS1634) in the reference genome and novel sites in the House Finch strains, respectively; letters next to novel sites correspond to insertions detailed in Table S9.

Figure 1