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Cell Lineage Analysis of the Mammalian Female Germline

Figure 3

Oocyte depth increases with age.

a–c) Reconstructed lineage trees of GV oocytes from large antral follilces in three mice demonstrate an increase in oocyte depth (Y axis) with age. The putative zygote is at depth 0. Median depth of oocytes is 13 divisions in M27, a 27 day old mouse (Mouse names represent their age in days) (a), 16 divisions in mouse M159 (b) and 19 in mouse M268 which contains 6 ovulated oocytes which were marked on the tree with blue dots (c). Horizontal red lines denote the median depth. All lineage trees were reconstructed using the maximum-likelihood neighbor joining method and rooted with the median identifier of all cells. d) Median depth of GV oocytes from large antral follicels increases with age. Each blue point is the median of the depths of all oocytes sampled from a single mouse. The Pearson correlation of median depth and age is 0.81 (p = 0.007). High inter-mouse variability can be seen. Errorbars are standard errors of the means. (e) Depth of pancreatic islet cells does not increase with age. Shown are the depths of pancreatic islet cells from M36, a 1-month old mouse and from M280, a 9-month old mouse.

Figure 3