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The Drosophila melanogaster Seminal Fluid Protease “Seminase” Regulates Proteolytic and Post-Mating Reproductive Processes

Figure 2

Seminase is produced in the accessory glands and is processed during and after mating.

(A) Western blot probed with seminase antibody. Seminase in the male accessory glands (AG) has an apparent molecular weight of ∼29-kDa. No seminase was detected in testes (T), the ejaculatory duct and bulb (ED/EB), or in virgin female reproductive tracts. AG and T: tissue from 10 virgin males. ED/EB: tissue from 20 virgin males. Female: tissue from 4 virgin females. Tubulin is shown as a loading control. Total protein loaded is shown in micrograms as measured by BCA assay. (B) Western blot probed with seminase antibody. Lane 1: full-length seminase in AG. Lane 2: ED/EB dissected from 20 males at 8–10 minutes ASM. Lane 3: Reproductive tracts (RT) from 20 females dissected 8–10 minutes ASM. Lanes 4–8: Female RTs dissected at the times ASM indicated above the lanes. (C) Western blots probed for seminase (top) and ovulin (bottom). Lane 1: full length protein in AG. Lanes 2 and 3: RT from females mated to CG11864 control (+) or knockdown (−) males at 1 hour ASM.

Figure 2