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The Drosophila melanogaster Seminal Fluid Protease “Seminase” Regulates Proteolytic and Post-Mating Reproductive Processes

Figure 1

Processing of SFPs is defective in the absence of seminase.

(A) Western blot probed with ovulin antibody. Lane 1: full-length ovulin in male accessory glands (AG). Lanes 2–9: female reproductive tracts (RT) dissected after mating to control (+) or RNAi (−) males for the gene given above the lanes. Females were dissected at 45 minutes after the start of mating (ASM) (lanes 2–5) or 2 hours ASM (lanes 6–9). All lanes are from the same gel with extraneous lanes removed for clarity. (B) Western blot probed with ovulin antibody. All lanes are female RT dissected at 30 minutes ASM. Lanes 1 and 2 are from females mated to seminase control (+) or RNAi (−) males. Lanes 3 and 4 are from females mated to CG10587 control (+) or RNAi (−) males. (C) Western blot probed with Acp36DE antibody. All lanes are from the same gel, with extraneous lanes cut out for clarity. Lanes 1–8 contain RT from females mated to males of the given genotype as in (A). Females were dissected at 1 hour ASM (lanes 2–5) or 3 hours ASM (lanes 6–9). Un-processed (full-length) Acp36DE runs at ∼122 kDa. (D) Western blot probed with CG11864 antibody. Female RTs dissected at 45 minutes ASM to seminase control (lane 1) or knockdown (lane 2) males. Numbers to the left of blots indicate approximate band size in kDa.

Figure 1