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Identification of a Sudden Cardiac Death Susceptibility Locus at 2q24.2 through Genome-Wide Association in European Ancestry Individuals

Figure 1

Regional association plot for rs4655058.

Each SNP is plotted with respect to its chromosomal location (x-axis) and P-value (y-axis on the left). The tall blue spikes indicate the recombination rate (y-axis on the right) at that region of the chromosome. The index SNP is denoted by the larger diamond, for both the GWAS (red) and combined GWAS and validation results (blue). The dotted black line denotes genome-wide significance (P<5×10−8). Shading of additional SNPs indicates degree of linkage disequilibrium with the index SNP (red: r2≥0.8, orange: 0.5≤r2<0.8, grey: 0.2≤r2<0.5, white: r2<0.2).

Figure 1