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Increased Susceptibility to Cortical Spreading Depression in the Mouse Model of Familial Hemiplegic Migraine Type 2

Figure 1

Knock-in construct strategy.

A. Genomic structure of the targeting vector and wt Atp1a2 allele. B. Predicted structure after homologous recombination (Atp1a2R887-neo allele), and after Flp-mediated deletion of the neo-cassette (Atp1a2R887 allele). FRT sites are indicated by green circles. Grey boxes indicate respective exons, and yellow star the R887 mutation in exon19. C. Southern blot of F1 Atp1a2+/R887-neo mutant mice. EcoRV and BamHI-digested genomic DNA from two genotypes for wild-type and Atp1a2+/R887neo mutant strains probed 5′ and 3′ probe.

Figure 1