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Distinct Functional Constraints Partition Sequence Conservation in a cis-Regulatory Element

Figure 5

Promoter regions that confer robustness are enriched for nucleosome-depleted sequences.

(A) Enrichment/depletion of dinucleotides in the distal promoters of unc-15, unc-25 and unc-47 genes relative to the sequence of the pPD95.75 vector (log scale). Percentage of 200 individuals expressing GFP in indicated number of D-type neurons from a chimeric promoter composed of AT-rich sequence from the C. elegans daf-25 locus (B), AT-poor sequence from the C. elegans let-2 locus (C), AT-rich sequence from the D. melanogaster ChAT locus (D), and AT-poor sequence from the D. melanogaster CG8394.2 locus (E), fused upstream of the C. briggsae unc-47 proximal promoter. For comparison, C. briggsae unc-47 full-length and proximal promoters are shown in black and gray hashed bars, respectively.

Figure 5