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Distinct Functional Constraints Partition Sequence Conservation in a cis-Regulatory Element

Figure 2

Promoters of C. brenneri and C. remanei unc-47 require the distal sequences for consistent expression.

GFP expression driven by full-length C. brenneri (A) and C. remanei (B) and proximal C. brenneri (C) and C. remanei (D) unc-47 promoters in a C. elegans host. As in Figure 1F, 1G, 200 individuals bearing each transgene were counted, and the percentages of those individuals with the indicated number of D-type neurons expressing GFP is shown (E–F). (G–H) Presence/absence of GFP expression in the cell DVB in the same 200 individuals for each of the four promoters. Photographs of worms are composites of multiple exposures of the same individual that capture the full complement of D-type neurons, in all focal planes, expressing GFP.

Figure 2