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Mouse Genome-Wide Association and Systems Genetics Identify Asxl2 As a Regulator of Bone Mineral Density and Osteoclastogenesis

Figure 3

Close-up view of the TBMD Chr. 12 association in the HMDP.

Distal segment (proximal region was truncated because it was the beginning of Chr. 12 and did not harbor any known or predicted genes) of the 2.6 Mb, 95% CI interval for the total body BMD (TBMD) association on mouse Chr. 12. The blue diamond represents the most significant SNP. SNPs are colored based on their LD with the most significant SNP; orange SNPs are in LD at r2>0.6, yellow SNPs are in LD at r2>0.4 and white SNPs are at r2<0.4. The green shaded box approximates the extent of moderate LD (r2>0.6) and outlines the most likely position of the causal gene. The positions of all RefSeq genes are plotted at the bottom using genome locatins from NCBI's Build37 genome assembly. Directional green arrows indicate transcript orientation.

Figure 3