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The Complex Genetic Architecture of the Metabolome

Figure 4

Differentially-abundant and differentially-connected metabolites.

Of a total of 194 metabolites detected in both experiments, 138 were either present at more than two-fold difference (Bonferroni-adjusted P<5%) between Expt. A and Expt. B or are significantly connected (local FDR<20% using partial correlation) to at least one other metabolite in Expt. A or Expt. B. Colored stars correspond to the list of metabolites belonging to one of the four overlapping groups. Unannotated metabolites are shown by their BinBase database identifiers. Lines between metabolites indicate significant correlations present in both Expt. A and Expt. B (red), only in Expt. A (blue) or only in Expt. B (green). Italicized metabolites are only detected in one experiment.

Figure 4