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A Survey of Genomic Traces Reveals a Common Sequencing Error, RNA Editing, and DNA Editing

Figure 5

Evidence for RNA editing in the cDNA traces.

(A) While no over-representation of the RNA derived mismatches (A-to-G and its complimentary T-to-C) clusters are observed in the full set of RNA traces in human (n = 238,370) and Xenopus tropicalis (n = 444,526), (B) significant over-representation of RNA editing type is observed in high quality cDNA sequencing set of human (n = 769; p-value 1.5e-119; Fisher's Exact Test.) and Xenopus (n = 2,847; p-value‚Č™e-200). (C) No such over-representation was observed in the set of high quality DNA traces (human: n = 64,191; Xenopus: n = 3,471). These observations support that RNA editing is the cause of the mismatches in the sets of higher quality cDNA.

Figure 5