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A Survey of Genomic Traces Reveals a Common Sequencing Error, RNA Editing, and DNA Editing

Figure 1

Evidence for editing events emerges by enrichment for clusters of mismatches.

(A) Human traces are mined for clusters of mismatches of the same type. Shown is the percent frequency of clusters by type. The G-to-A mismatch type becomes more dominant with increasing numbers of mismatches (as does T-to-G). (B) Runs of five (or more) mismatches by type and sequencing center with an identical 3bp motif centered on each mismatch. Data from eight sequencing centers is shown. All of these centers had at least 1000 examples that meet the above criteria. (C) Clusters with three (or more) mismatches with at least two very high quality mismatches (Phred 40). A mismatch spectrum consistent with editing can be observed.

Figure 1