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Digital Quantification of Human Eye Color Highlights Genetic Association of Three New Loci

Figure 4

Chromosome 1q42.3 associated with quantitative eye color in the Rotterdam Study (RS123).

Regional association plots for 300 Kb surrounding the three newly identified eye color locus on chromosomal 1q42.3. Statistical significance of associated SNPs at each locus are shown on the −log(P) scale as a function of chromosomal position. P values were derived for 6 eye color traits (see figure legend). Genes in the region and LD patterns according to HapMap version 21a CEU samples are aligned bellow. Chromosome 1 233.85–234.25 Mb region includes the LYST gene, where SNPs rs3768056 and rs9782955 showed genome-wide significant association with saturation only.

Figure 4