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Digital Quantification of Human Eye Color Highlights Genetic Association of Three New Loci

Figure 3

GWA Manhattan plot for quantitative and categorical eye color in the Rotterdam Study (RS123).

The −log10 P values for association with 6 eye color traits (hue, saturation, CHS1, CHS2, 3-category classification, 5-category classification) are plotted for each genotyped SNP according to its chromosomal position (NCBI build 36). The distance between each tick on the x-axis represents 50 Mb. The P values smaller than 10−12 are truncated at the level of 12 at the log scale and those greater than 0.01 are not shown. (A) P values are adjusted for age, sex and population stratification, (B) additionally adjusted for the effect of rs12913832 in HERC2, the most significantly associated eye color SNP known before, and (C) additionally adjusted for the effect of all 7 previously known eye color associated genes. Previously known eye color genes with genome-wide significant eye color association in the present study are noted using blue text above the figure and genes in the three newly identified loci in the 3rd scan are noted in red.

Figure 3