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Down-Regulation of Honey Bee IRS Gene Biases Behavior toward Food Rich in Protein

Figure 7

Effect of IRS on vitellogenin mRNA.

IRS RNAi did not influence the level of vitellogenin gene expression overall (shown as log relative quantities (RQ), see the main text for details on statistics). However, in (A) a negative effect on the vitellogenin transcript level was suggestive in a planned comparison between low strain IRS knockdowns and controls. The vitellogenin expression levels of wild-type bees (B) remained unchanged. As shown before, vitellogenin mRNA levels were elevated in high strain workers compared with low strain bees [15],[48]. Bars are means ± s.e. Half (triangular) asterisk indicates p<0.1. Brackets and asterisk on top of (A) denote the strain effect, p<0.05. Sample sizes inside bars. (A) versus (B) were quantified with different calibrator samples; thus, Y-axes cannot be directly compared.

Figure 7