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Down-Regulation of Honey Bee IRS Gene Biases Behavior toward Food Rich in Protein

Figure 5

Effect of IRS on honey bee food-related behavior.

In response to IRS down-regulation, worker honey bees of high and low pollen-hoarding strains (A) reduced their nectar load weight during foraging. (B) The data on proportional pollen load showed that, in comparison with controls, IRS knockdowns biased food-loading toward pollen. (C) Pollen load weight was not significantly affected, and only the strain effect was significant (high strain bees collect more pollen, bracket in insert). (D) The total load weight remained constant in high strain knockdowns and controls, but was reduced in low strain IRS knockdowns. Significant differences are indicated by asterisks p<0.05, and half (triangular) asterisks p<0.1. In all sections, brackets on top of inserts identify the strain effects on behavior. Bars are means ± s.e. Sample sizes are given inside bars.

Figure 5