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Down-Regulation of Honey Bee IRS Gene Biases Behavior toward Food Rich in Protein

Figure 4

Western blot assessment of peripheral IRS knockdown.

Fat body and brain protein from high and low pollen-hoarding strains and wild type was resolved on 10% SDS-PAGE gels with 100 µg protein loaded in each lane. (A) IRS antibody identifies a protein of about 130 kDa (arrow) in muscle (m), fat body (fb), and brain (b) lysates. The specificity of the antibody to the IRS peptide antigen is confirmed by preabsorption of antibody with access peptide. Detection is completely blocked by preabsorption control. (B) IRS immunoreactivity in individual protein samples from fat body (n = 3 for both treatments within each pollen-hoarding strain and wild type). The amount of the 130 kDa target protein is variable, but generally reduced after IRS RNAi. (C) IRS immunoreactivity in samples from brain is similar between IRS knockdowns and controls (n = 3 for each strain and wild type).

Figure 4