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Non-Coding Changes Cause Sex-Specific Wing Size Differences between Closely Related Species of Nasonia

Figure 2

Positional cloning in Nasonia using linked lethals.

The diagram illustrates a screen for fine-scale recombinants (marked with *) between ws1g and a lethal located 0.6cM away. Because of the lethal (l), the only live haploid males with ws1g (large wings, w) are recombinant. The blue (b) marker is used as a second phenotypic marker and as a way to identify recombinants on the other side of ws1. Gray bar: introgression (N. giraulti) sequence. White bar: N. vitripennis sequence. Proportions shown are based on estimates of recombination rates between the markers (Figure 3) and assuming no double recombinants.

Figure 2