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A Phenotypic Profile of the Candida albicans Regulatory Network

Figure 5

Conservation of transcriptional regulator phenotypes.

(A) C. albicans and S. cerevisiae genes with 1-to-1 orthology. (B) Genes with 1-to-2 orthology where the two S. cerevisiae orthologs arose from a whole genome duplication event. ‘Conserved’ indicates that one or more phenotypes are shared between the indicated orthologs. ‘Mixed’ indicates that some, but not all, phenotypes were shared. ‘Diverged’ indicates that the phenotype(s) of the orthologs differed. The asterisk (*) indicates that orthology may be more complex than 1-to-1. Bold text for the 1-to-2 orthologs indicates a TR that differed in phenotype from the other two genes. Descriptions of the specific phenotypes compared are provided in the supporting materials (Text S5).

Figure 5