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A Phenotypic Profile of the Candida albicans Regulatory Network

Figure 4

Single-cell–derived colony morphology phenotypes of C. albicans transcriptional regulator knockout strains.

(A) Wild-type. The arrows highlight three morphological features in a single colony: peripheral invasive filaments (white arrow), a smooth colony section (black arrow), and a wrinkled colony section (grey arrow). (B) Mutants lacking both colony wrinkling and peripheral invasion. (C) Mutants with enhanced colony wrinkling on Spider at 30°C. (D) Mutants with complex morphological phenotypes. Colony morphologies of strains that exhibited a colony morphology phenotype on Spider medium in the primary screen were further analyzed using colonies grown from single cells. Colonies were photographed after 3 and 7 days of growth on Spider medium at 30°C and 37°C. Several colonies were grown on each plate, and the colony photographed on day 3 is not necessarily the same colony photographed at day 7.

Figure 4