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A Phenotypic Profile of the Candida albicans Regulatory Network

Figure 2

Phenotypes of C. albicans transcriptional regulator knockout strains.

(A) Nutrient and base media growth phenotypes. (B) Stress media growth phenotypes. (C) Colony morphology phenotypes. The data shown are predominantly from the primary screen, and in some cases scores from two or more similar media have been condensed to a single column (as described in Text S2). Phenotype scores are represented by the color of the indicated circle, and the intensity of the color represents the strength of the phenotype. White circles represent a phenotype that is indistinguishable from wild-type. Blue and red circles represent either an enhancement or reduction, respectively, of growth (A and B) or colony morphology (wrinkling or invasion; (C) relative to wild-type. Dark red circles (‘severe’ phenotype; growth phenotypes only) indicate that the TRKO strain failed to show any growth, while under the same conditions the wild-type strain exhibited significant growth. A grey ‘X’ represents missing data due to poor growth on the underlying base medium, phenotypic inconsistencies, or absence of testing for the given combination of strain and medium. The size of the circles reflects the strength of the specificity score for the given phenotype. High specificity scores (large diameter) suggest that the TR is a primary regulator of the circuits probed by the medium and the TR (see text and Text S2).

Figure 2