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Genome-Wide Association Data Reveal a Global Map of Genetic Interactions among Protein Complexes

Figure 4

Guiding synthetic genetic screens using natural genetic networks.

(A) Complex-complex interactions common to both the natural and synthetic networks at a relaxed threshold of P<0.05. Many of these complexes, including INO80 (orange), have more coverage in the natural network (node height) than in the synthetic network (node width). (B) Each point in the scatter plot represents the significance of support for a possible complex-complex interaction with INO80 from the natural (y-axis) versus synthetic (x-axis) networks. Due to low coverage, comparatively few complex pairs have support in the synthetic network. New E-MAP data for INO80 support nine new complex-complex interactions predicted by the natural network (blue arrows). (C) A network of natural genetic interactions for INO80 validated by the new E-MAP. Functional enrichment for traits is shown as in Figure 2. The thickness of each link is proportional to its support in the new genetic interaction screen.

Figure 4