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Genome-Wide Association Data Reveal a Global Map of Genetic Interactions among Protein Complexes

Figure 3

Comparison of the natural and synthetic networks.

(A) The overlap between the natural network and four previously-published synthetic genetic networks (Tong [4], Pan [3], Collins [2], Wilmes [1]) is shown as a percentage of the synthetic network size. An asterisk indicates significance at P<0.05. (B) A map of the functions and functional relationships supported by either the natural or synthetic networks. Each node represents a broad GO term, with colors (green, orange, blue) indicating terms that contain many within-term interactions (Text S1). Edges show the top 30 between-term interactions for each of the natural and synthetic networks. Two broad GO terms (regulation of nucleotide metabolism and DNA repair) contained many within-term interactions in both the natural and synthetic networks.

Figure 3