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Genome-Wide Association Data Reveal a Global Map of Genetic Interactions among Protein Complexes

Figure 2

Natural genetic networks elucidate pathway architecture.

(A) A global map of the top 50 complex–complex interactions found using the natural network. Each node represents a protein complex and each interaction represents a significant number of genetic interactions (False Discovery Rate<5%) [49]. We analyzed the set of gene expression traits associated with each complex-complex interaction for functional enrichment using the hypergeometric test. Nodes and edges are colored according to the functional enrichment of gene expression traits underlying the natural interactions (Bonferroni P′<0.05). Node sizes are proportional to the number of proteins in the complex. When available, nodes have been labeled with the common name of the complex. (B,C) Two specific examples of complexes spanned by dense bundles of natural genetic interactions.

Figure 2