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Maize Centromere Structure and Evolution: Sequence Analysis of Centromeres 2 and 5 Reveals Dynamic Loci Shaped Primarily by Retrotransposons

Figure 6

Relative positioning of CRM1 and CRM2 on somatic metaphase chromosomes.

A somatic root tip chromosome spread of B73 is presented and labeled with CRM1 and CRM2 as described in Figure 5. As determined from the karyotyping features shown in Figure 5, the presence of a smaller interstitial knob on the long arm identifies the boxed chromosome as 5. The inset to the upper left illustrates the different channels from left to right, CRM1, CRM2, CRM1+CRM2 and the chromosome composite. As is generally the case with the chromosomes in the spread, CRM1 label has a more internal positioning than CRM2, which lies to the exterior of the chromosome opposed to the sites of sister chromatid cohesion although there is also obvious overlap. The metaphase spread is representative of multiple metaphase cells each observed from root tip biological replicates. Scale bar = 5 ┬Ám.

Figure 6