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Maize Centromere Structure and Evolution: Sequence Analysis of Centromeres 2 and 5 Reveals Dynamic Loci Shaped Primarily by Retrotransposons

Figure 5

Karyotype of maize inbred line B73 illustrating CRM1 and CRM2 distribution.

CRM1 was labeled with Texas Red and CRM2 with AlexaFlour 488 (green). Other features that permit the classification of each chromosome are 180 bp knob repeat labeled with Cascade Blue, subtelomeric probe 4-12-1 and 5S ribosomal RNA labeled with AlexaFluor 488, 5S rDNA with Texas Red (to produce a yellow composite) and the TR1 knob repeat labeled with Cy5 (pseudocolored white). The alignment of red and green labelings of the 5S cluster on chromosome 2 assures the relative alignment of CRM1 and CRM2 in the centromeric regions. Note that centromeres 2 and 8 contain relatively high amount of CRM2 relative to CRM1. The reverse is true for centromere 9. The merged image is at the top. The Texas Red signal is shown in the middle panel that includes CRM1 at the primary constriction and the lower panel green image includes the CRM2 signal at the primary constriction. Chromosomes are representative of multiple metaphase cells each observed from root tip biological replicates. Scale bar = 5 ┬Ám.

Figure 5