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General Rules for Optimal Codon Choice

Figure 2

GC richness of optimal codons correlates with intergenic GC content in archea and fungi.

The optimal codon GC score is plotted against intergenic GC content. (A) archea. (B) fungi (blue diamonds), D. melanogaster (red circle), and C. elegans (yellow square). In both (A) and (B) we include for comparison a trend line reflecting the relationship between the optimal codon GC score and intergenic GC in bacteria. To create this trend line bacterial genomes were binned in increments of 5% by their intergenic GC contents (±2.5% centered around the point indicated on the x-axis). The y-value of each point represents the average of the optimal codon GC scores of the corresponding bacteria, while the error bars represent the standard deviations of these values.

Figure 2