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Parallel Germline Infiltration of a Lentivirus in Two Malagasy Lemurs

Figure 6

Unrooted tree of several LTRs (9<n<3) obtained in each of the following species of Malagasy lemurs.

MMU: Microcebus murinus, MRA: M. ravelobensis, MTA: M. tavaratra, MSA: M. sambiranensis, MMY: M. myoxinus, MGR: M. griseorufus, CME: Cheirogaleus medius. See Table S4 for the voucher specimen numbers of the lemur samples used in this study. Numbers associated to internal branched correspond to Bayesian posterior probabilities ≥0.95/bootstrap ML values ≥80. The alignment used for the analyses is provided in Dataset S3.

Figure 6