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A Human Protein Interaction Network Shows Conservation of Aging Processes between Human and Invertebrate Species

Figure 3

Significance of gene expression changes for longevity gene homologs and interacting proteins.

The permutation distributions (based on 1,000 permutations of the array label) for the number of significant probes (based on FDR value in the association of age versus expression) for three different sets: A. human homologs of aging genes (based on 1,000 random draws of 291 probes), B. longevity gene homologs present in the interaction network (based on 1,000 random draws of 210 probes), and C. 1° interactor protein genes (based on 1,000 random draws of 2,507 probes). Vertical red lines indicate values (number of probes with FDR-based q-value<0.05) for the original experimental datasets from which the p-values of these three tests are derived.

Figure 3