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The Anticonvulsant Ethosuximide Disrupts Sensory Function to Extend C. elegans Lifespan

Figure 2

Positioning the am178 mutation.

The horizontal line represents a portion of Chromosome I. Genes that can be mutated to cause visible phenotypes and SNP markers are shown above; map units are shown below. From dpy-5 am178/CB4856 hermaphrodites, we selected 56 ethosuximide resistant, non-Dpy self-progeny. From am178 unc-75/CB4856 hermaphrodites, we selected 72 ethosuximide resistant, non-Unc self-progeny. An analysis of SNP markers in these strains positioned the recombination events in the intervals shown below. The double-headed arrow indicates a 250 kBp interval between the SNP markers uCE-952 and snp_T01G9[1] that contains am178.

Figure 2