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Resolving Individuals Contributing Trace Amounts of DNA to Highly Complex Mixtures Using High-Density SNP Genotyping Microarrays

Figure 2

Simulation Results.

Using 1423 Wellcome Trust 58C individuals, we give log scaled p-values for simulations based on three variables: the number of SNPs (s), the fraction of the individual in the mixture (f), and the probe variance (vp). The graphs plot the relationships between the three variables with a different variable fixed in each graph. The log scaled p-values are represented by the color of each point in the graph, as well as the z-axis on the right graphs. These simulations suggest that we should be able to resolve mixtures where a given individual is 0.1% of the mixture (f), probe variance is at most 0.01 (vp) and the number of SNPs probed is 50,000 (s).

Figure 2