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Combined Analysis of Murine and Human Microarrays and ChIP Analysis Reveals Genes Associated with the Ability of MYC To Maintain Tumorigenesis

Figure 9

A common gene signature associated with the ability of MYC to induce tumorigenesis in murine conditional tumor models.

Microarray data from the time-course experiment in MYC induced osteosarcoma was filtered with the list of tumor maintenance genes from pancreatic tumors (Figure 8). 34 genes from the induced gene list and 8 genes from the repressed gene list were identified (p<0.01) as common MYC target genes associated with MYC induced tumorigenesis in mice. Genes with E-box sequences in their promoter regions (−2000 to +2000) are labeled with red and the numbers of E-box in each gene are listed in Table S11.

Figure 9