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Combined Analysis of Murine and Human Microarrays and ChIP Analysis Reveals Genes Associated with the Ability of MYC To Maintain Tumorigenesis

Figure 8

Genes associated with MYC-induced tumorigenesis in a MYC-induced pancreatic tumor model identified by the StepMiner algorithm.

Microarray data of the time-course experiments from a MYC-induced pancreatic tumor model [25] was retrieved and the StepMiner algorithm was applied to the data to identify genes whose expression went up in tumor initiation and came down in tumor regression (induced genes) and genes whose expression went down in tumor initiation and came back up in tumor regression (repressed genes) as potential genes associated with MYC induced tumorigenesis in pancreatic tumors. 382 probes for induced genes and 197 probes for repressed genes with statistically significant changes (p<0.01) are listed.

Figure 8