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Combined Analysis of Murine and Human Microarrays and ChIP Analysis Reveals Genes Associated with the Ability of MYC To Maintain Tumorigenesis

Figure 7

Changes of MYC binding to E-box regions for genes permanently repressed upon MYC inactivation.

ChIP for MYC binding to E-box regions were examined for ribosomal structural proteins (Figure 4) and genes with the PR pattern and RR pattern expression whose homologs were shown to be direct MYC targets before (Figure 6 and [35]). Dot plots with percentages of DNA relative to input DNA brought down by the MYC antibody for MYC ON and MYC reactivated (48 hours) conditions in bone tumor cells are shown here (see Table S7 for the raw data, average of two experiments). The p-values shown here were calculated by Z-test.

Figure 7