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Genic and Global Functions for Paf1C in Chromatin Modification and Gene Expression in Arabidopsis

Figure 6

Expression Level, Size and Entropy of Paf1C-Regulated Genes.

(A) Box plots showing the distribution of expression level (left panel), expression entropy (middle panel), and gene size (right panel) for ten-percentile subsets of genes according to misregulation in vip3 mutants. Distribution of genes strongly downregulated in vip3 relative to wild-type is shown in column 1 of each panel; distribution for genes most strongly upregulated in vip3 is shown in column 10 of each panel. Colored boxes indicate the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles (bottom, center line, and top of box, respectively). (B) Scatter plot relating gene expression levels with entropy for Arabidopsis genes. Genes strongly upregulated in vip3 mutants are depicted as red circles, whereas strongly downregulated genes are shown as blue triangles. Locally weighted regression (Lowess) fit lines were superimposed onto the scatterplot (gray, all genes; red, upregulated; blue, downregulated).

Figure 6