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Genic and Global Functions for Paf1C in Chromatin Modification and Gene Expression in Arabidopsis

Figure 4

H3 Methylation Profiles and Paf1C-Dependent H3 Methylation Profiles in Paf1C-Targeted Genes.

(A) Genic positional signals for H3 lysine methylations as indicated were averaged separately for genes upregulated in vip3 mutants (top row of panels, red) or downregulated in vip3 mutants (lower panels, green) for both wild-type plants (solid lines) and vip3 mutants (dashed lines). Averaged signals for all genes in the protein-coding gene set presented in Figures 2 and 3 are shown in black. (B) Signals for H3 lysine methylations are shown within a ∼14-kb region encompassing the plant Paf1C-dependent gene FLC from wild-type (WT) plants (top panel). Lower panels show the relative difference in signals between vip3 and wild-type chromatin. Horizontal colored bars in these panels indicate regions where significant (2.5-fold change in vip3/WT; P<10−3 in either vip3 or WT) differences in signals were observed. A depiction of the FLC gene within this region is shown at bottom. Data depicted in this figure were corrected for total H3.

Figure 4