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an interesting and unexpected result - follow up insulin!

Posted by clementkent on 05 Sep 2012 at 05:31 GMT

The authors are to be congratulated on a very thorough paper with some interesting and unexpected findings about the role of oenocytes. I have a specific suggestion: that the role of the insulin system along with glycogen phosphorylase and GSK be further investigated. Differences in adult allocation of energy stores to triglycerides and glycogen were noted in Kent et al (2009) PLoS genetics 5 (8), e1000609 in backgrounds where alleles of the foraging gene (for) interacted with the insulin pathway. Paradoxically, in the same backgrounds larval energy store allocations varied in the opposite pattern (Kaun et al 2008, J Exp Biol 211, 3160-3166). The larval and adult oenocytes may behave differently; this would seem easy to investigate in the authors' set of fly constructs, and then to test whether Ins/Tor pathway interactions are essential to the switch from lipid storage to glycogen.

The results about the tracheae and hypoxia represent one of those amazing pleiotropic effects of genes that would not, I think, have been anticipated. Congratulations!

- Clement Kent

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