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A surprising bit of surprise

Posted by RBH_III on 08 Dec 2008 at 23:40 GMT

From the interview:

"Jones: They gave me the last word in “Judgment Day” [a NOVA program on the trial] and I said this is not something that will be settled in my time or even in my grandchildren’s lifetimes. It’s an enduring, quintessentially American, dispute. If you poll in the US today, you’ll find that approximately half of our fellow citizens believe in creationism and think that creationism ought to taught.

Gitschier: I had no idea!"

No idea? Hm. $27m Creationist museum in Kentucky opened last year. The Institute for Creation Research is applying for accreditation to confer M.S. degree. Kitzmiller v. Dover was just a couple of years ago. C'mon, Jane: it's all around us.