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mtch2 has been implicated in cancer

Posted by rayale on 09 Dec 2008 at 22:09 GMT

This elegant paper states that Mtch2 has not been implicated in cancer thus far, but this is not correct. Mtch2, also designated Mimp ('met-induced-mitochondrial-protein') was shown to be induced in Met-expressing cell lines following HGF/SF treatment (Yerushalmi GM et al., Neoplasia 2002;4:510-22). It was later shown that inducible expression of Mimp leads to growth arrest in response to HGF/SF and to attenuation of HGF/SF-induced cellular scattering in vitro and tumor growth in vivo (Leibowitz-Amit R et al., Cancer Res 2006;66:8687 - 8697). These two works clearly show that Mtch2 expression is not constant in cell lines. On the other hand, the demonstration that silencing of Mtch2 by siRNA increases invasion in vitro is in line with the latter work (published in 2006).