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Publisher's Note: Error in Figure 1 legend

Posted by PLOS_Genetics on 19 Nov 2012 at 15:47 GMT

Characteristics of a selective sweep from standing variation.

There were a number of errors in the legend for Figure 1, “Characteristics of a selective sweep from standing variation”. The complete, correct Figure 1 legend is: “Colors for all panels are as follows: orange corresponds to a sweep from standing variation; blue corresponds to a sweep from a new mutation, and grey corresponds to a neutral model. Panel a: A cartoon of the allele frequency trajectory with relevant parameters; f1: allele frequency at the time selection started, fcur: allele frequency at the time mutation is observed. t1: time at which selection started. t0: time when mutation arose. Panel b: 100 stochastic realizations of the allele frequency trajectory. Panels c,d: Age distribution of an allele at 1% frequency and 5% frequency in a population (log scale). Blue lines represent selection with α=20, 100, 200 and 1,000 (right to left). Panels e,f: Distribution of the EHH (e) and H (f) statistic under neutrality (grey), a de novo mutation (blue) and standing variation (orange). Full and dashed lines represent selective pressures of α = 1,000 and 200, respectively. The dash-dot line represents α = 4,000. Note that the slopes of the curves are different for the two scenarios, and the low H value around 0 under neutrality is due to the conditioning on a high frequency derived allele. Times are given in coalescent units and are plotted on a logarithmic scale.”

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