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Some bacterial examples to think about

Posted by DanielFalush on 29 Aug 2008 at 06:40 GMT

I congratulate the authors on an interesting, clear and well reasoned discussion of the consequences of diversifying selection at a particular locus for gene flow between species that are otherwise largely (but not completely) reproductively isolated.

I know of two bacterial examples where the same phenomenon is likely to be occurring:

First, in Campylobacter at the FlaA locus, which encodes a flagellin gene.

See Dingle et al. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 2005, 43 340-347.

Second in Neisseria at the tbpB locus, encoding an iron uptake molecule.

See Linz et al. ,Molecular Microbiology 2000 36 1049-1058.

In both cases, the molecules are expressed on the surface on the bacteria and presumably under diversifying selection due to the immune response of the organisms that the bacteria colonize. Indeed in the Neisseria case, diversifying selection has been explicitely demonstrated:

See Zhu et al. PNAS 2001 98 5234–5239