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A Curious Part in The Schematic Model

Posted by glabella85 on 09 Sep 2012 at 11:25 GMT

Overall, the results indicate that lack of H1c, H1d and H1e impairs the establishment or maintenance of epigenetic changes in DNA methylation and histone modifications that are necessary for stable repression of pluripotent transcription factor Oct4 in differentiated cells (Figure 5C).

Although most of the model was explained in detail, my colleagues and I failed to find a explanation for the models that resemble blue crescents during a lab meeting. It would have been nice if the authors had added information in text about the models.

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RE: A Curious Part in The Schematic Model

yuhfan replied to glabella85 on 13 Sep 2012 at 17:50 GMT

The proposed model is explained in detail on p11. The blue crescents represent other proteins bound to this locus during differentiation to facilitate gene repression of Oct4.

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