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Thank you for your extraordinary work

Posted by hopefulchook12 on 02 Nov 2012 at 04:13 GMT

Thank you for your discovery of OSCs in adult ovaries, and your ongoing work.

Please do all you can so that your discovery can result in a clinical treatment as soon as possible. So many of us are really hurting because of infertility.

I have read all your recent papers, including the Woods etal, "Purification of Oogonial Stem Cells From Adult Mouse and Human Ovaries: An Assessment of the Literature and a View Toward the Future", Reproductive Science, Sep 2012. It is disappointing that work is being slowed down because of skepticism over OSCs. For example: "With so many questions surrounding this new study, and the likelihood that no one else in the field will attempt to address them, valuable time and resources are now being redirected to pursuit of unplanned experiments in our laboratory...". Also: "Unfortunately, those skeptical of these cells continue to propound very negative views, which only serves to make it more difficult for scientists who study OSCs to obtain the funding needed to address the many questions about these cells that remain." If more labs worked with you on this extraordinary discovery, the time needed to get this research to a clinical application from which so many would benefit would be greatly reduced.

I am aware of the current work of OvaScience to take the mitochondria from OSCs and to boost eggs by injecting into eggs at the same time as ICSI. This will benefit some, but is of no help to those of us who cannot even produce any eggs in stimulated IVF. The treatment we are waiting for is a treatment where a small amount of tissue is taken from the ovary cortex, and the OSCs are extracted and cultured in-vitro to produce eggs for IVF. It sounds like you are tantalisingly close - Dr. Tilly's lab is able to extract the OSCs, and Dr. Telfer is able to mature the eggs in-vitro. Please do all you can to bring this treatment to reality as soon as you can.

I would travel to wherever in the world the treatment is being done, even if it is 5-10 years from now, I will be there.

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