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Re: Histone marks of NAD

Posted by CheungCL on 13 Apr 2010 at 09:50 GMT

I supposed the author retrieved the histone modification data from the reference [34-36], however, the ChIP-seq of the histone modification was performed in CD4+ cell. I am just wondering how robust is the evidence of NAD region is enriched with repressive marks (H3K27me3...etc) and depleted of H3K4me1 in NAD... when the "cross-comparison" using histone mark from CD4+ in HeLa NAD regions may not be valid.

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RE: Re: Histone marks of NAD

glaengst replied to CheungCL on 15 Apr 2010 at 12:29 GMT

Dear colleague,
we expect to see cell-type specific differences rather at the level of individual NADs (i.e. the association is dynamic) than at the level of globally analyzed chromatin features. However, this should be experimentally tested. We were looking for HeLa histone modification datasets as well, and analyzed the
available ones (H3K27Me3). The result shows that there is an increase of this histone mark in the NADs of both cell lines. Please find the detailed description of the analysis in the legend of Table S6.

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