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Which TCF7L2 mouse was used here?

Posted by SSamson on 13 Oct 2012 at 12:46 GMT

The original TCF7l2 mouse available from Eucomm was made from EPD0130_2_C06 ES clone. This mouse is now known to have an insertion event and duplication of the critical exon.

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RE: Which TCF7L2 mouse was used here?

koohoi replied to SSamson on 12 Jun 2013 at 12:29 GMT

The original TCF7L2 mice from Eucomm did have an insertion of targeting vector, rather than the recombination. Thus we were able to use the line with knockout-first purposes (for general knockout-in this case het only since homozygotes are lethal) only. We used the knockout-first line for the study. However, we were not able to generate correct loxP/loxP mice using Flp mice (this will lead to the formation of chimeric gene, which would probably encode a trucated protein at best) from this line. They have corrected the problem since, and provided us the new line (from EPD0157_5_B10 clone) this year. Hopefully, we could generate the conditional KO mice from the new line.

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