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Publisher's Note: Full acknowledgements

Posted by DarrenObbard on 02 Nov 2009 at 14:49 GMT

We thank Urmi Trivedi, Marian Thomson, and Sujai Kumar for help with the short-read sequencing; Floh Bayer for the Sanger re-sequencing; and all the people who provided Drosophila samples.

We thank Mark Blaxter and the GenePool Facility of the University of Edinburgh for performing all the Illumina-Solexa sequencing, and for providing bioinformatic support and advice. Marian Thomson constructed the short-read libraries and did the sequencing. Urmi Trivedi performed the MAQ alignments and collated the raw data, and Sujai Kumar helped with read mapping and wrote PERL scripts used to parse MAQ output; both provided invaluable computing support.

We thank Floh Bayer (University of Cambridge) for the Sanger re-sequencing of 11 loci in two populations, and we thank the large number of people who provided Drosophila samples.

No competing interests declared.