Table of Contents: January 2007

Reactive Animation simulation of thymocyte development viewed at two scales: zooming out and zooming in (see Efroni et al).


Moving Education Forward

Fran Lewitter

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Automated Querying of Genome Databases

Peter Schattner


In Remembrance: Reinhart Heinrich 1946–2006

Thomas Höfer

Research Articles

Computational Aspects of Feedback in Neural Circuits

Wolfgang Maass, Prashant Joshi, Eduardo D Sontag

Nitric Oxide Regulates Input Specificity of Long-Term Depression and Context Dependence of Cerebellar Learning

Hideaki Ogasawara, Tomokazu Doi, Kenji Doya, Mitsuo Kawato

A Phylogenomic Study of Human, Dog, and Mouse

Gina Cannarozzi, Adrian Schneider, Gaston Gonnet

Using Phylogeny to Improve Genome-Wide Distant Homology Recognition

Sanne Abeln, Carlo Teubner, Charlotte M Deane

Modeling HER2 Effects on Cell Behavior from Mass Spectrometry Phosphotyrosine Data

Neil Kumar, Alejandro Wolf-Yadlin, Forest M White, Douglas A Lauffenburger

Protein and DNA Sequence Determinants of Thermophilic Adaptation

Konstantin B Zeldovich, Igor N Berezovsky, Eugene I Shakhnovich

Large-Scale Discovery of Promoter Motifs in Drosophila melanogaster

Thomas A Down, Casey M Bergman, Jing Su, Tim J. P Hubbard

Identification of Functional Subclasses in the DJ-1 Superfamily Proteins

Ying Wei, Dagmar Ringe, Mark A Wilson, Mary Jo Ondrechen

Evolutionary Interactions between N-Linked Glycosylation Sites in the HIV-1 Envelope

Art F. Y Poon, Fraser I Lewis, Sergei L. Kosakovsky Pond, Simon D. W Frost

Emergent Dynamics of Thymocyte Development and Lineage Determination

Sol Efroni, David Harel, Irun R Cohen

Detecting Key Structural Features within Highly Recombined Genes

John E Wertz, Karen F McGregor, Debra E Bessen