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Sensory noise predicts divisive reshaping of receptive fields

Fig 4

(a) Schematic illustrating how contextual shifts in neural tuning curves required for a context-invariant neural code. (b) Contextual mask presented in each condition. (c, left panel) Tuning curve of a model neuron in the presence of the three different stimulus masks (tuning curves are rescaled, to have zero mean and unitary standard-deviation). (right panel) Inferred readout filters for the same neuron in each condition. (d) As for panel c, but for an LN model. (e) Mean squared difference in (rescaled) tuning curves across the different stimulus contexts. Each cell corresponds to one data point. The example cell, plotted in panels c-d is shown in red. (f) Identical analysis to panel e, but applied to the linear readout filters. (g) Normalized reconstruction error using ‘correct’ readout filters for each stimulus condition (blue bars), or ‘mismatched’ decoders, inferred in other stimulus conditions.

Fig 4